10 Reasons why Laser Hair Removal is Better than Shaving:


10 Reasons why Laser Hair Removal is Better than Shaving:

1. With shaving you can get bumpy, irritated skin.

2. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, whereas laser hair removal helps to get rid of these.

3. Shaving is endless, you will spend the rest of your life shaving and the hair will keep growing back.

4. With laser hair removal the amount of hair is drastically reduced so that by the end of your course of treatments you may never have to remove the hair again, or in some cases only need to do it occasionally.

5. With shaving you get that silky smooth feel that lasts for about 5 minutes, and then the hair begins to grow again. With laser hair removal in between treatments the hair grows a lot slower and once completed the amount of hair will be drastically reduced if not completely gone .

6. Some say laser hair removal is expensive, however if you compare how much the average person spends on razors for a lifetime and how much a course of laser hair removal costs, laser hair removal is actually cheaper.

7. Shaving is extremely time consuming. If you add up all of the hours spent on shaving your legs since you started shaving all those years ago and compare it to approximately 45 minutes per treatment for 6 treatments of laser hair removal.

8. Shaving blunts the hairs and therefore when the hair grows back it appears to be thicker, creating a spiky effect. This is particularly noticeable with areas like the face. Whereas laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle and any hair that does grow back throughout treatment with become thinner and less noticeable.

9. Shaving can be difficult for those hard to reach areas, such as your intimate areas or for men shaving your back can be quite a difficult task.

10. Although there is apparently no medical evidence to prove it, I have personally experienced and had many clients that have also experienced more hair growing back in areas that you shave. There are those areas that you decided to shave when you were young and the result was twice as much hair growing back!

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