3 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Treatment Soars in Men


3 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Treatment Soars in Men

Hair removal treatments for males have soared due to the ever increasing pressure to obtain and maintain a smooth, hair-free physique. Although there is aisle after aisle dedicated to hair and beauty treatments for women, there is only a small section for men although the demand for silky skin is just as great! It’s only natural to discover such a surge in demand for laser hair removal treatments for the male community with such an expectancy placed on men from all walks of life to sustain such baby soft skin. With this in mind, laser hair removal treatment seems like an absolutely ideal solution for men who want to eradicate their unsightly hair.

According to the Daily Mail, the number of men seeking laser hair removal treatment has risen by 85% in just one year.  There are a variety of reasons why unwanted, thick hair can grow on a man’s body, for example high testosterone levels, ethnicity and genes, but the same worries and feeling of self-consciousness is felt by all the men who are suffering with excessive body hair that affect their confidence as women.  Here at City Hair Removal we offer an extensive amount of services that suit both men and women alike, so you can rest assured that you are getting the same treatment, equally. Here are a few reasons why laser hair removal treatment is ideal for men who want supple, soft, smooth skin that will last for months at a time. Confidence There’s no denying that confidence in men can plummet due to unsightly hair on backs, shoulders, arms and any other exposed areas of their bodies, especially in shorts and t-shirt in the summer.

There’s nothing worse than having to wax, especially as it can be painful and nearly impossible to reach if you don’t have anyone to help you.  With a growing pressure applied to men to remain hair-free at all times, it can really be beneficial to invest in laser hair removal to eliminate hair from these places and inject that confidence right back, without having to struggle with shaving and waxing.  We’re convinced that your confidence levels will sky rocket once you invest in our laser hair removal treatments that not only fits your unique needs and requirements, but also your budget.  We encourage you to find out more about what we can offer you and see how we can change your way of life for the better.

Easily treatable Generally, men’s hair is thicker and darker than women’s hair, and this is ideal for laser hair removal as the laser picks out the pigments more easily, destroying it more permanently.  Save time and money As mentioned previously repeated shaving and waxing costs a lot of money. Only a few laser hair removal treatments can permanently reduce hair. What about the time too?  According to sources, the average man spends about 13,350 hours of his life shaving, that’s 556.25 days! Imagine what you could do with all that time instead of shaving?  It’s mind boggling.  Laser hair removal is perfect for men, not just women, so ensure you get in touch today to find out how City Hair Removal can make a difference to you.

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