Benefits of laser hair removal


Ever since women decided they would like to look more glamourous than the opposite sex, there has always been the inconvenience of hair removal. With so many different products on the market to help you get rid of unwanted body hair it can be a chore just deciding which method to use. There are razors, waxing, creams, and at-home electrolysis machines, but all these options often come with some drawbacks; shaving rarely lasts more than a day and let’s face it waxing is painful (regardless of what the product’s packaging says). This is why more and more people are choosing laser hair removal to help rid themselves of unwanted hair. If you do decide to go down this road then laser hair removal is available at City Hair Removal London Clinic. Their trained staff can answer any questions you might have and help you feel less hairy! They use the new Soprano XL laser technology, which creates high levels of laser energy that targets the pigments of unwanted hairs, destroying them down to their roots. This intense pinpoint of heat is not painful, in fact a clinician at City Hair Removal London says some of their clients have compared the Soprano XL treatment to a hot stone massage. The laser hair removal treatment is available for most areas of the body and for both genders. However for bikini, Brazilian, and buttocks, the laser hair removal services are only available to women. Hair removal options such as waxing or shaving often mean you have to wait for the hair to grow before you remove it, but with laser hair removal you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow out before removing it. That said, it’s advisable to shave the areas that you want treated 24 hours before the appointed treatment. For best results, typically it takes a course of four to six treatments, your consultation at City Hair Removal Clinic will be able to help you determine how many treatments you will be needing. Laser hair removal treatments are painless and far more comfortable than any other hair removal options. The results are long lasting and in some case permanent.