Bikini Beach Body


Bikini Beach body

Bikini beach body may not be the first thing on your mind at the end of November as you get into warm jumpers, start drinking mulled wine and hopefully snuggle by a fire but now is the time to get onto it and here is why!

If you are up on different hair removal methods then you will know that Laser Hair Removal is growing and growing in popularity and there is good reason for it. It is a permanent method of hair removal, it leaves no rash or scars, it leaves no ingrown hairs, it is not unbearably painful, it has no dangerous side effects and it is affordable.

Now why I am talking to you about Laser hair removal and your bikini beach body is because what Laser hair removal does need is time! It takes on average 6-10 treatments to achieve permanent hair removal and each treatment needs about a 6 week gap between due to the hair cycle. Therefore to achieve a beautiful hair free body you need about 12 months…. ‘Oh no!’ you may be thinking but do not worry. After each treatment your hair starts growing back thinner and lighter which means that by the time summer hits you could already of had 4 treatments and be a fair way towards hair free and boy does that make a difference when putting on a bikini. Also if you time one of your appointments to be a week or 2 before your holiday you will truly be hairless on the beach!

So by all means put on those hats and gloves, drink your eggnog and eat your mince pies but no growing out your hair this winter! Treat yourself to a hair free body this winter ☺