• The perianal area can be done on its own, and includes laser hair removal around the rectum and the perineum.
  • The buttocks can be done as its own treatment, and includes laser hair removal of the bum cheeks.
  • The perianal and buttocks can be done as one combined treatment.
  • All of the above can also be added to any bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood treatment package.
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The perianal area is located around the rectum (bum hole) and usually includes the perineum (the bit of skin between the bum and genitals). The bum and perianal area, like any part of the body can sometimes have excess hair that for aesthetic purposes would be better off gone!

This can be particularly true for women already receiving laser hair removal on the bikini area as the perianal area is not included in a standard bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood laser hair removal treatment, and some women find that the excess hair continues down to the perianal area and buttocks that also needs removing.

The perianal and buttocks area is certainly not a location that can be tackled by shaving or waxing oneself and so laser hair removal is a perfect solution for this unwanted hair.

All of our laser hair removal treatments can be combined into packages to address any combination of areas with unwanted hair, just talk to your practitioner to find out what would be best for you.

Once you have chosen to pursue perianal or buttocks laser hair removal you’ll need to stop any current hair removal methods that you are using. Other than that, your normal routine should remain pretty much unchanged, just ask at your first consultation if there are any personal guidelines you need to follow.

Having laser hair removal is a very simple process; the laser is aimed at the area of skin to be treated, this heats the pigment within the root of the hair which destroys it and damages the hair follicle. Any follicles that are damaged in a session won’t thereafter grow more hairs, and the hair that was already there will proceed to fall out within a week or so. It is really as simple as that!

At City Hair Removal, we have a range of lasers covering all skin types and sensitivities. A patch test will be done at your initial consultation in order to establish which laser will give you the best results.

We have a range of laser hair removal treatments, including the popular Hollywood, upper lip and underarms, as well as the back and shoulders for men. The joy of laser hair removal is that following each treatment there will be little to no hair grow-back for a few weeks and following a course of treatments, regular monthly visits or top-ups are not required. You will be amazed at how much money can really be saved by cutting out regular waxing or shaving from your monthly expenses.

Here at City Hair Removal we offer free patch tests and consultations for anyone interested in laser hair removal treatments. Contact us today to get started or for more information.


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