Choosing the right Laser Hair Removal Clinic

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Choosing the right Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Choosing a suitable laser hair removal clinic can be confusing as many promise similar things. What you really need is an honest consultation and the appropriate advice on the best treatments to suit your specific needs such as skin types and budget.

While there are many types of equipment on the market which claim to be suitable for laser hair removal, the truth is that a large proportion of those are designed for basic beauty and skin treatments. They therefore lack the precision for effective permanent hair removal; this has been proven by clinical trials and tests.  A number of laser hair removal devices such as light sheer diode lasers, ruby lasers, etc. may only be effective for hair removal on a 9mm coverage area, and are outdated technology. Other cheap and cheerful technology will leave scaring and damage to your skin, even stimulating more hair growth and leaving pigmentation burns.

Luckily there are also new approved medical grade lasers which are designed to provide optimal treatments with excellent results and are designed to deliver comfortable effective treatments.

These treatments are performed by highly skilled therapists trained in the use of these medical grade lasers. It is one thing to have the best lasers and equipment available, yet quite another to have the knowledge and expertise to be able to calibrate and adapt the laser equipment to suit a client’s individual needs.

When considering treatments, it is important to understand that you might not ask the right questions or know what is important. Questions like ‘How many treatments will I need’? (6-8 is optimal), and ‘How frequently will I need to have these treatments?’ (around every 4-6 weeks depending on area) are good to ask. Any clinic offering answers that sound too good to be true should be approached with caution; luckily you don’t need to worry with City hair removal, where you will be given help to prepare for treatment, and time to talk things through with the practioners.

City Hair Removal London has over 2 decades worth of experience and carries out treatment of around 40 clients every day! City Hair Removal London at the Pulse Light Clinic London offers the most advanced Laser technology for hair removal currently on the market. The clinic has 3 state of the art lasers specifically designed to target all hair and skin types for the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatment in London.

At the moment the clinic is having a special June discount with 55% OFF packages during June 2014 (Minimum spend applies, confirmed only at consultation, Alexandrite and Nd:Yag Lasers).

If you would like further information about our laser hair removal services, please visit this page