City Hair Removal provides the advanced laser technology


City Hair Removal provides the advanced laser technology

The hair and beauty industry has always been a vibrant and colourful one, and currently there’s a surge in demand, making it even more exciting and bursting with invigorating opportunities.  Although laser hair removal is relatively new based on ever-changing trends and technologies, its popularity is on the rise, with many taking to laser treatment to obliterate unwanted body hair, once and for all.

With many hair-related taboos being confronted more and  more, there’s no end to the possibilities laser hair removal can offer you, no matter what you want to focus on, whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons.  According to HABIA, there are over 90% of the hair and beauty industry professionals that are women, which eliminates a plethora of worries with regards to treatment, especially if you feel nervous about the treatment process itself.  We believe that City Hair Removal laser hair treatment is fast, quick and has a welcoming atmosphere encompassing it, and we invest time and energy in ensuring that our services are presented in a professional yet relaxed manner for your complete peace of mind.

City Hair Removal prides itself on offering first class, cutting edge hair removal treatment that not only ensures that you get great results, but also saves you money in the long term.  We’ve a vast range of hair removal services available, and with our highly qualified and experienced team, including a consultant who’s a doctor and professionals who are masters of laser hair/laser tattoo removal and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) techniques, so you can rest assure you are in more than capable hands. With a variety of hair removal options and treatments available, we do recommend getting in touch and discovering what’s best for you.  We strive to pay close attention to detail to your individual needs, and are more than happy to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

We understand that you may have questions regarding your hair removal treatment, such as, is hair removal permanent?  Or, does hair removal have side effects?  Therefore we conduct a thorough briefing with each client to ensure all of your questions are answered in full before you make your decision whether to invest in hair removal. We have plenty of information on hair removal on our website, which we constantly update, so if you have any urgent queries regarding what we offer, do not hesitate to use the helpful links around the site to navigate through some rather interesting and impressive pieces about the benefits of hair removal. Hair removal technologies are consistently being upgraded and updated for best results, for both men and women, and has been used for medical and cosmetic reasons over the years.

If you have been struggling with confidence issues due to body hair or you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on grooming, for example shaving on a daily basis, then laser hair removal treatment at City Hair Removal could be life transforming for you, and we are only a phone call away.  To learn more on how we can help or find out more about our competitive laser hair removal prices, get in touch with a friendly yet highly professional member of staff today.