Dealing with a little excess hair


Everybody has body hair – that’s a fact. Man or woman, the only places you aren’t covered in a fine fuzz are the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Sure it might not be as noticeable as it was back when we shared the planet with woolly mammoths, but it’s there.

Of course some people have more hair than others – not usually an issue for men, for whom being on the hairy side is seen as a good thing, but for women it can be embarrassing or even a cause for concern.

Excess hair growth can occur anywhere on the body, from the feet to the face, breasts, fingers, stomach or back. It is, of course, completely normal (and way more common in people from certain backgrounds) but that doesn’t mean the hairier ladies amongst us want to keep their fuzzy bits fuzzy.

It can be upsetting for women with excess hair to know they don’t conform to society’s ideals of what ‘beauty’ is, but the women we see on TV have been groomed to look more than perfect, their every hair plucked or waxed away and, in fact, even those who seem hair-free have the odd follicle in a place they’d rather not.

It’s worth noting that there are a few medical reasons why women have excess hair, so if you find yourself suddenly hairy where you haven’t previously been so, and you have other symptoms such as weight loss or gain, irregular periods, acne, baldness, nipple discharge or a sudden deepening of your voice, see a doctor. It could signify polycystic ovary syndrome or some other problem.

Just remember – don’t be embarrassed about your body hair! After all – we all have it, and chances are your doctor has seen it all before.

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