Discount for New Customers


Discount for New Customers

I wanted to let you all know that we have a discount for new customers available at our new clinic. The new clinic at 5 Percy street is a sister clinic to Pulse Light Clinic and we would love to see many new faces at our door.

All you have to do is quote the code 121 and you will get a 10% discount off your first treatment.

If you have been thinking about getting Laser Hair Removal but not been quite certain, then now is the perfect time to make use of the discount and try out your first treatment and see what you think.

With spring having arrived and summer around the corner you may be starting to notice those unwanted hairs. Whether it is on your legs, your underarms or you would like to have your bikini line ready for the summer, now is a great time to get going on your treatments.

Why now is such a good time, is that laser hair removal works best on your natural skin, not your tanned skin. So if you are planning on getting out in the sun or going on holiday it is much better to have your treatments before you get that tan! Plus of course you then get to enjoy the benefits just when you need it.

If you are not sure on our prices or what body part can be treated then you can either check out any of my other blogs or look directly at We can treat both men and women, dark or light skin and thick or fine hair! We have five different lasers on hand and that combined with our technicians expertise means you will get the best laser hair removal possible.

Check out the website or call us on 02072054085 and don’t forget to quote 121 to get your discount!