Do we need body hair- what are the effects of removing it?


Do we need body hair- what are the effects of removing it?

First of all I want to differentiate between two types of body hair. There are the tiny, fine almost invisible hairs which grow everywhere, your hands, face, back and so on. No one worries about these as long as they are really tiny and fine. Then there are the coarser darker hairs such as your eyebrows, under your arms and pubic area.

The function of the tiny, fine hair is to help keep you cool. The body is trying to adjust itself to keep your body temperature correct. When you are too cold your hairs stand on end to help give some insulation and when too hot they lie flat to help get out of the way and let sweat evaporate and cool you down.

As for why we have longer hair in certain places, it seems to be unsure but here are the main reasons scientists have come up with. One idea is to help with friction. The next idea is a sort of genital blanket, to reduce friction, keep in heat and help avoid dirt. Lastly from a genetics view it is to help air your pheromones, the hair sort of ventilates it out and you are more likely to be attractive to a mate!

So considering all the effort we go to remove hair- is it ok? Looking at the reasons given for having this thicker body hair- it would seem so! I have never heard of any women who removed this hair complaining of any increased friction. Potentially it does help send out these pheromones but culturally I think the fact of long armpit hair and so on is going to reduce your chances of getting with that potential mate rather dramatically! Lastly on the cleanliness point for the genitals this could be a factor but if you shower regularly and keep yourself clean there should be no problem!

So leave those fine colourless hairs- your body needs them! But it seems you can shave, wax and pluck your heart out on the course, dark ones. And don’t forget if you are looking for permanent hair removal Laser hair removal is the way to go!

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