Are you trying to decide which laser hair removal option to go for? For most of us price is key to our decision making. Take a look at the points below and make up your own mind…. Just remember IPL may look cheaper to start with but you are going to need way more treatments!

Listed below are the key differences between Laser Hair Removal Versus IPL:

Laser Hair Removal

• Concentrated beam of light that targets selected hair follicles
• Reduced chance of side effects as it has reduced impact on the skins surface
• 6-8 treatments typically required for permanent removal
• Multiple machines (like at the Pulse Light Clinic) that are suitable for all skin types
• Can target even dark blond hair in some cases
• Machines such as the Soprano XL can be used safely and effectively whilst tanned
• Long lasting results • Pain free options are available, we have the Soprano XL as well as a cryogen cooling system, forget about numbing cream, technology has moved on!!!

IPL Hair Removal

• Scattered light, targeting hair follicles at random
• Suitable ONLY for Caucasian and some Mediterranean skin types (I-III on the Fitzpatrick scale)
• Cannot be used on tanned skin under any circumstances
• Needs anywhere between 8-15 treatments
• Patches of areas are missed during treatment and non-treated areas are hard to distinguish
• Results are only long lasting after an extended course of treatment
• Has been known to stimulate hair growth if and when not operated properly

We have a wealth of experience in Laser Hair Removal and IPL hair removal at the Pulse Light Clinic. You may have noticed on our main page we do use IPL but only for treating Rosacea (redness of the skin) as IPL is more successful at treating the upper layers of the dermis and is greatly attracted to red rather than brown/black pigments which is necessary for Laser hair removal and long term effectiveness.

As I mention to many of our clients our IPL machine comes with the attachments for hair removal but we refuse to use it! We have tested the best results and in our experience LASER is the only way! We have three lasers specifically designed for hair removal the NDYAG, Alexandrite, Gentlemax Pro, Candela and Alexandrite.

On many occasions we have seen clients come to us with horror stories about having bought IPL hair removal from voucher sites and had to pay for extra areas or been treated and burned as they are dark skinned or even had a full leg hair removal treatment in less than 15 minutes!!

This treatment even when done properly with IPL or laser should take at least 30 minutes to properly cover the area. They never manage to remove the hair fully which is why they eventually come to us, which in the long term ends up costing them more money!

We are happy to give you a FREE patch test on all our laser so that we get the best results! No other clinic in London has as many laser hair removal machines as we do, we are leading the way in laser hair removal!