Facial Hair Removal


Facial Hair Removal

Excess facial hair in women really can be a complete nightmare!

There are all sorts of facial hair removal methods out there but none are that great and honestly who wants to be bleaching, plucking and waxing every few days just so you can show your face outdoors!? I think the answer to that one is certainly nobody. Especially when the end result barely lasts and as a side effect you can get ingrown hairs, stubble, red patches and the list goes on.

The only true solution to excess facial hair is Laser Hair Removal. It is the only truly effective method for facial hair as it is permanent and has no side effects. A lot of people rule this option out thinking that it is too expensive but honestly when you add up over the years all the expense in paying for waxing or buying bleach or all the other paraphernalia you have around and the restocking month after month for your whole life, you start to realise just how much you spend on facial hair removal.

Economically Laser hair treatment for the face is really good because it is a small area it is quite cheap per appointment. The price goes up depending on the size of the area that will be lasered. You then only need about 6-10 treatments to achieve a permanently hair free face! Never to pay for any other sort of facial hair removal again!

It works by killing the hair at the root so it does mean that you can’t pluck or wax between appointments but you can shave or bleach if you are desperate. The clinic can answer all of your questions but they key point is it is safe and it is effective.

There is no price you can put on the confidence of feeling completely comfortable with your own face and being able to go and be anywhere anytime you want!