Feet and Hands Hair Removal


Feet and Hands Hair Removal

Tired of worrying whether you remembered to shave your toes?!

Swop to Laser Hair Removal! When it’s an area you can’t cover up, get rid of the problem at the source and have Laser Hair Removal on your hands and feet. So you’re ready to rock those heels any time of the day!

This is the smallest and therefore the quickest area to treat on the body, and is inexpensive prices start from just £30! Don’t be embarrassed about a small area get it fixed!

Laser hair removal is an easy choice; you are likely to only need 4-6 treatments on such a small area. So come in and find out more! Treatments are every 6 weeks on the hands and feet. You will see results quickly as the area is so small. Buy full legs or full arms and we will throw either hands or feet laser removal in for FREE! Don’t despair City Hair Removal is here!