Get rid of that excess hair with laser removal treatment


Get rid of that excess hair with laser removal treatment. Hair removal can be time-consuming, expensive, painful and just downright annoying. Whether you shave, wax, pluck or epilate – it’s hard not to wonder if it’s even worth it! Going under the laser may be the answer to your hair-removal woes.

There are lots of different types of lasers around but they all do essentially the same thing; whack your unwanted hair with a massive dose of heat that penetrates the strand, killing the hair at the root and damaging the follicle to prevent it from growing back. It’s a lot easier than the nearest comparable treatment, electrolysis, which is done follicle-by-follicle and as such is a long, painful process.

Pros of laser hair removal

There are many advantages to laser hair removal, which include:

  • It’s very safe – do your research, pick a good treatment provider and you’ll have a great experience
  • It’s not too painful – most describe it as somewhat like an elastic band being twanged gently against the skin
  • You’ll see permanent results
  • It can be used on most areas of the body, even big spaces like the back or legs

One possible drawback of laser hair removal is the time taken to see permanent results; after your first few sessions the hair will grow back to an extent, but a few more sessions under the laser and the hair loss will eventually be permanent (usually 6-8).

Here’s the bottom line, folks; laser hair removal will give you permanent hair loss and will probably save you money in the long term once you can stop buying razors and leg wax. Sounds pretty good to us, but call in to your treatment provider for a consultation before you book. They’ll be able to give you a solid idea of what to expect.

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