Hair Reduction


A lot of people are talking about the removal of unwanted hair but there is a slightly different subject which can be just as important. This is hair reduction! As a man you don’t necessarily want to be completely hair free and yet neither do you want to feel like a bear. For a woman if you find you have quite hairy arms, bum or back for example; the fine layer of thin almost invisible hairs that coat your body are the not the problem and you probably wouldn’t mind them at all, it is the thick extra hair that you do not want.

There is a really excellent answer for hair reduction! The answer is Laser hair removal. This is always described as permanent removal of unwanted hair but this is after many treatments. Any treatments under the full amount will work just as hair reduction in that area. It will give you permanent hair removal of a certain percentage of hairs meaning that you can control the hair reduction you want.

6-10 treatments is the recommended amount for complete removal of the hair. How I would recommend working out how many treatments you need is to go over it with the practitioner at your free consultation. At the beginning is the best time to go over any questions and they will do what is called a patch test which is a test of the laser on a very small area of your skin just to check for any adverse reactions.

As each treatment goes by you will be able to see for yourself how much hair has stopped growing back, never to return and judge at what point you feel the hair is now thin enough. You can just stop your treatments then and be left with the body that you want!