Hair removal for men


It used to be – and not so long ago – that hair removal was seen as strictly the domain of ladies. The only guys who regularly shaved down were bodybuilders, cyclists or swimmers for whom being fuzz-free was beneficial to their profession. Not in any of those fields? Chances are you rocked some serious body hair.

But not any more! It’s being reported that more and more men are going down more traditionally ‘female’ grooming routes – including smooth, hair-free skin. Of course, men don’t necessarily want it all removed – but increasing numbers are getting their hair thinned out or strategically tidied up.

One of the most popular treatments for men is eyebrow waxing; seems if there’s the option to get rid of the unibrow look, even guys want to take it! A lot also just choose the ‘Geordie Shore’ shaped look, or to have the fuzzy bits around their ears or the back of their neck cleaned up a tad.

And it’s not just the eyebrows that have guys heading to the treatment table; the braver souls are opting for something even more traditionally female – the bikini wax. Ouchies!

Of course, a lot of men don’t necessarily know their best option for getting rid of excess body hair. For permanent, almost pain-free results, we recommend laser hair removal.

Using laser light energy to penetrate the hair shaft, the laser actually kills the hair at the root. It doesn’t kill the follicle – the place where hair actually grows – so, technically, another hair could grow in its place. However, the laser makes it tricky so the results are usually permanent.

Unfortunately, you will need more than one treatment – up to eight if you’re particularly hairy. It’s great for removing or reducing hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, or more…sensitive areas.

Laser hair removal works best on those with pale skin and dark hair; it’s easier for the laser to target than blonde or very pale hair. If you are dark or black skinned, ask your clinician for advice – your skin may respond better to certain types of laser.

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