Hair Removal – Men


Body hair removal has had a massive increase and decrease in fashion for women – but what about for men? Well body hair removal for men is in fact increasing in popularity – you may have heard about manscaping…well that is what it is referring to.

Manscaping is the removal of body or facial hair for men. Whether it is bleaching, plucking, shaving, trimming, waxing or permanent hair removal options they are now all available and in use for men too!

The common areas of unwanted hairs for men are the back and chest, arms and shoulders, groin area, and then styling around the beard area. Of course there can be other smaller areas to deal with like the fingers, toes, ears or the nose.

Each area that you want to tackle will usually have its own best method of attack. Whether it is plucking the nose or ear hairs or trimming the beard. Where do permanent hair removal options fit into this?

The first and most important thing to take into account for permanent hair removal is, is it definitely somewhere that you will never want hair again…for example your beard area may not be a good idea because though you do not want one now you may decide to have a beard in the future. Something like unwanted back hair is a better option if you find it unpleasant it much more likely to not be something you will want later in life.

The next thing to think about is how much hassle and work do you want to spend on removing this body hair. If you don’t mind a quick fix yourself or a stop at a salon then that is certainly the easier option.  If the answer is you want to spend very little time on it and you would rather not think about it then the permanent option is right for you as regular follow up treatments are not needed.

If you fit these two categories then you should definitely check out this link and get yourself in for some treatments!