Hairy Legs


Hairy Legs

Men if you look down at your legs and see a gorilla – then you need some help with your hairy legs! Women if you look down at your legs and seeing any hairs just feel you have to cover up – then you also need some help with your maybe not as hairy legs!

The answer to all hair problems is now available to both men and women. It is Laser hair removal. It works by sending out pulses of light that target the root of the hair and then destroy it. On average you will need between 6-10 treatments to see between 60-95% of hair permanently removed. This is quite a broad range but we all know that every person’s skin and hair is quite different.

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to get the legs that you want! Laser hair removal has no side effects of ingrown hairs and right from your first treatments the hair will grow back finer and lighter. Until eventually the hair is permanently gone.

For men if you are not sure that you want to be utterly hair free this is really an excellent option. You will be hair free while you get your treatments but if you would just like to take yourself down from gorilla to average then don’t do the full ten treatments. Do about 5 (or what the professional at the clinic recommends) and you will find that a certain percentage will be permanently gone and the rest of your hair can just grow back. Leaving your legs perfectly in the middle ground of hairy.

For women I don’t think I need to tell you the benefits of never having to shave again, of never having ingrown hairs of never having shaving rash of always being able to wear whatever you want – it is almost like the dream if eating whatever you want and never getting fat…but this one is truly possible!