Hairy Legs


How to handle hairy legs!

Who is absolutely fed up shaving their legs!? I certainly know many women are. I had an experience once when I was about 10 of a female teacher sitting down next to me to help explain something one summer. She was wearing a nice skirt. Her legs brushed up against me and literally scratched me! I looked down and her legs had almost no hair…she must have shaved recently…and yet the bit growing through literally felt like a man’s stubble. Needless to say that put me off excessive shaving for life!

On the other hand though we women are not going to cover up all summer long, we want to feel sexy in bed and be able to have our legs on show whenever we want and that usually doesn’t involve having hairy legs!

So if you are not into shaving you can try epilating but from everything I’ve heard it’s really painful and prone to creating ingrown hairs. Not a fantastic option. There is always waxing which is a popular option. Waxing is also painful ad generally you will have to be paying for a treatment every few weeks at the salon. Unfortunately it also can create ingrown hairs.

So what is left…Well there is Laser hair removal and here is why I think it is the best option. Unlike other parts of your body where maybe fashions will change, (such as removing every single hair down there!) having smooth hair free legs is pretty much guaranteed to be something you are always going to want! Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal treatment, it is not very painful and does not create ingrown hairs or the horrible bumps or rash that shaving can.

That means book yourself into a series of treatments this year, show up for your half an hour treatment every 6 weeks for the course of treatments and that is it your legs are pretty much hair free for life! I think that is a solution everyone can get behind!

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