Hairy Men


Hairy Men – what you can do about it!

I think we can all agree that some hair on men is sexy! But then there is the problem of the slight gorilla type look which I don’t think anyone finds particularly sexy…it can’t make you as a man feel particularly desirable or confident. Plus going t-shirtless in the summer is not the most comfortable feeling for overly hairy men. Whether it is a very hairy back, too much hair on your chest or your bum or even shaving your face just seems to cause it to spread down your neck or up your cheeks you are not alone!

There are handlings for too much hair and it isn’t even complicated or time consuming! Laser hair removal is the breakthrough not only for handling unwanted hair on women but for handling too much hair on men too!

Laser hair removal works by firing a focused laser onto the area being treated. The laser heats up the root of the hair and it is destroyed right at the follicle. It has a success rate of removing 60-95% of the hair permanently after a course of treatments. This is quite perfect for you hairy men because you may not mind having 5-40% of the hair left…that could be the perfect look! But also if you want 100% removal of the hair you can always have some more treatments and you can reach that too.

The other reasons Laser hair removal is great for men is that you do not have to make hair removal a part of your routine, you do not have to make regular trips to a salon and once it is done there is almost no upkeep at all. Meaning you can feel as manly as you want and sexy and confident with just the right amount of hair left.

For further information about laser hair removal treatments for men, please visit this page.