Hairy Women


Hairy Women

‘I am a hairy woman’ is not generally something that you want to announce or even really think about. If you do feel that you fall into this category then you may be feeling quite trapped in your body and in the endless cycle of hair removal.

I am sure that you will have worked out a ‘hair routine’ or you may in fact still be trying to work out what works for you. I know all sorts of these routines such as 1. Pluck eyebrows 2. Bleach mustache 3. Worry about cheek hair! 4. Shave underarms 5. Epilate arm hair 6. Pluck hair on nipples 7. Epilate snail trail 8. Wax bikini area 9. Shave legs 10. Pluck hair from your toes

Now I don’t know about you but I got fed up with this! After doing all of these things I feel good about my body for a few days until it all starts growing back again and that is not even talking about if there was a shaving rash or ingrown hairs. If there is that leaves actually 0 days of feeling beautiful and hair free! Who wants to spend that much time of their life worrying about body hair! I certainly didn’t.

So what is the solution for every single one of these hair problems? The only solution of course is anything that gets rid of that hair permanently. And the only real answer to that is Laser hair removal.

You may not know too much about Laser hair removal but simply it sends out pulses of light which hit the melanin in your hair follicle and destroys it. You generally need about 6-10 treatments to see up to 95% of the hair permanently removed. Now that is the true solution to any hair worries for a hairy woman….meaning you get to spend some time on some more interesting and exciting parts of your life!