Hollywood Wax


Hollywood Wax

Are you on of the many ladies that get yourself a regular Hollywood wax? I wanted to tell you about something I have found that is even better!

Now I know that compared to shaving, Hollywood waxing is definitely an incredible improvement. No shaving rash and no stubble (well at least for quite a few weeks). It does have a few negatives though in that waxing can leave ingrown hairs, it does of course grow back and you also need to have some hairs there for the wax to work meaning you have to have some days with some stubble or hair. I have also worked out that on average women spend over £350 a year just on getting the Hollywood wax! Meaning that in your lifetime you could end up spending over £10,000!

So what I have found that is even better is Hollywood Laser hair removal! There are a few key reasons why. One is that it creates no ingrown hairs, you also do not need to have the hair grow out at all before your next treatment. But really the biggest bonus is that it is permanent.

You may have gotten used to baring all every month but if I told you after about 10 treatments you would never have to do it again and you would still keep your smooth hair free look, I know that would be tempting! That really is the case with Laser hair removal. It is a permanent method and so saves you a lot of money! On an individual appointment it is more expensive as it costs £130 but there are package prices meaning for the complete removal you could spend as little as £675. Saving you over £9,000….just a little economically better. What do you think? I know which one I will be picking!