How does laser hair removal work


How does laser hair removal work 

Simply said Laser hair removal is the method of removing unwanted hair by exposure of the hair follicle to pulses of laser light which destroy it. Laser hair removal has grown in popularity due to its efficacy and safety.

The technical procedure used by the Laser is matching the specific wavelength of light and the duration of the pulse to obtain maximum effect on the targeted area with minimal effect on any surrounding tissue. So for laser hair removal the targeted area is the hair follicle itself. The laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle, the follicle is the part of the hair that causes growth. Thus by targeting the hair follicle you can achieve permanent hair removal.

The laser works by targeting the dark melanin of the hair and that is why it has always been stated that darker hair and lighter skin is the best combination. But as the technology has developed the treatment is now available to all skin types.

Hair production has several phases, these are growth, cessation and rest. The length of the cycle varies depending on what part of the body the hair is growing on. During the growth phase the root of the hair is dividing rapidly and in this phase the hair can actually grow up to 1 cm every 28 days! The laser can only target the hair follicle during the growth cycle and after the follicle has been blasted by the laser you need to give it time to start growing again before the next treatment.

Remember the hair has to have regrown a little because the laser must target the melanin in the hair. Keep in mind that this rules out waxing and plucking between treatments as well as they remove the hair directly from the root.

I hope that helps you understand the workings behind Laser Hair Removal.


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