How much is Laser hair removal


You as many others now a days will have come to the conclusion that Laser hair removal really is THE way to go with hair removal in these modern times. It eliminates ingrown hairs, shaving rash and all of the bother and maintenance of keeping yourself groomed at home.

You may be stressing on the cost though and wondering really how much is Laser hair removal going to cost you? It certainly at first glance seems like the most expensive hair removal method but actually economically as Laser hair removal is permanent over the months and years you easily make up the money you would have spent on razors and waxing and so on!

So let’s have a look at City Hair Removal’s prices. This is a very professional and experienced clinic and so gives you an idea of the prices at a pro level. Here is the answer to how much is Laser hair removal going to cost me:

           Single           Pack of 6          Pack of 8

  • Very small such as eyebrows £33 £98 £118
  • Small such as cheek bones £65 £117 £210
  • Small/medium such as underarms £83 £225 £269
  • Medium such as bikini £105 £265 £330
  • Large/medium such as Hollywood £130 £335 £415
  • Large such as Lower legs £177 £480 £569
  • Very large such as Full back £240 £700 £821

The discounts on packages are huge as you can see! On both packs you are getting significantly over 50% off compared to the price of a single treatment. You will always need a course of treatments to get the full results on Laser treatment and that is the purpose of these packages. On top of that you are not expected to pay up front but can spread it out between treatments. All treatments have a gap of about 6 weeks between treatments which gives you plenty of time to figure out the money for your next instalment!

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