How to style your pubic hair


How to style your pubic hair

Well did you ever think that you would be asking that question!? There are many styles out there and this year it seems to be that anything goes! Meaning you are free to try out any sort of design that you want.

Of you course you have the straight up bikini which you can’t go wrong with. The Brazilian which came to favour in the last decade is still hanging on and is as popular as ever. The full bush is a style in itself and you could always spice it up by dyeing it! Yes dying your pubes is now a thing – there are even kits for home dying now.

The newest fashion is creating any shapes that you want. Usually the undercarriage is completely bare but just above you can create a shape such as a heart, initials of your partner or any other simple shape you want! Things that people have tried are a lightning bolt, martini glass, arrows or even a Jessica Rabbit. Combined with this of course is the new ‘vajazzling’ trend so feel free to add some gems for a special occasion!

Any of these styles are available by waxing or laser hair removal. The one thing to keep in mind is that Laser treatment is a permanent hair removal method. So if you are thinking of heading down that route I would try it in waxing first have it for a few weeks and decide if you truly want it that way for good…and if you do then book yourself into a Laser removal clinic and get that style there permanently. No more trips for waxing and no more struggling with the razor in the shower. Your perfect pubic style will be yours for good with no more upkeep!