Is Laser Hair removal really permanent?


Is Laser Hair removal really permanent?

Permanent hair removal used to be wishful thinking only and a lifetime of shaving, waxing, bleaching and plucking lay ahead for women. Then along came IPL and then the even more famed Laser hair removal. Apparently with only 6-12 treatments unwanted hair could be gone for good.

I thought I would look into this and see if this can really be true! This is a little bit of what I have found.

So the official line is that it is medically proven to cause hair reduction and can result in permanent removal of unwanted hair. On research it seems that 60-95% hair is permanently gone after the series of treatments. I think that percentage is pretty good!

Remember that you will always need a series of treatments spaced out over time so that you can catch different hairs during their growth cycle. It seems after this course of treatment you really are going to see almost all hair permanently removed.

From what I can see almost all clinics have top-up sessions as well. What that means is after a few months if you see any unwanted hairs growing back just pop back to your clinic for a top-up and those hairs will be zapped right off. And if you consider that there is a 60-95% success of those hairs being permanently removed you can see that you can truly be down to no hairs in a pretty short length of time.

Remember that currently white and grey hairs cannot be treated and you also cannot be treated while you have a suntan. Also keep in mind that any waxing or plucking between your course of treatments will seriously reduce the chance of success as the root of the hair is required for the laser to target. So between Laser hair removal treatments stick to shaving!

So I say go and enjoy the permanent hair removal results available from Laser Hair removal!

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