Laser Hair Removal Choosing the right clinic for you


Laser Hair Removal Choosing The Right Clinic for You

You have decided to banish your unwanted hair permanently and are in the process of finding the right clinic to ensure you get the best results with the least inconvenience.

There are several key points one should consider when choosing a Laser Hair Removal Clinic. Here is a simple check list to bear in mind when choosing the right Laser Hair Removal clinic for your particular case.

  • The first thing to consider is how long the clinic has been offering Laser Hair Removal. Choose wisely by ensuring they have been delivering Laser Hair Removal for at least two years; that way you are not being a guinea pig for a new business venture!
  • Look for a clinic that offers a free initial consultation. Some clinics charge a fee for this while others do not.
  • Use your initial free consultation to ask questions (covered in other articles). Take the list of questions with you (it would not be fair to use up too much of the practitioners time when the service is free, but asking five or six questions is perfectly acceptable). This will help you assess the professionalism of the practitioner, their knowledge of the procedure and will help you decide if this clinic is right for you. It is important that you trust their abilities and knowledge in using the machine.
  • Make sure you have a patch test at your initial consultation or that an appointment is offered specifically for a patch test prior to any treatment. This assesses your suitability for Laser Hair Removal and can highlight any problems on just a small patch of skin. It also gives you an idea of what to expect from a full treatment.
  • Location of the clinic is important because you will be attending regular appointments, spaced at varying weeks apart depending upon the machine used, hair growth rate etc., Choose a clinic that is relatively easy to get to, that is centrally located so that there are more than one option for travel to and from the clinic. Bear in mind that transport systems are sometimes disrupted, so you must have an alternative route into the area when needed.
  • Avoid any clinics offering the service very cheaply; it indicates they are training the practitioner, or are just starting out using a new machine which they are not experienced with.