How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by sending beams of laser light into a group of hair follicles with enough power to destroy the root but not enough to harm the surrounding skin. The laser technology is intended to selectively heat the hair follicles whilst leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. The then damaged hair follicles will no longer produce further hairs, therefore once the existing hairs fall out, you are hair free.

Each hair follicle is not necessarily destroyed in one session, and so multiple sessions are required to catch all hairs and to sufficiently damage them as to no longer produce further hairs.

What happens in a laser hair removal session?

The area to be treated will first be shaved (unless already done), and wiped down to ensure the area is clean. Next dark glasses will be put on to protect the eyes against the strong laser light. The area, particularly if large will be pencilled into sections, to help the practitioner ensure no part is missed.

The laser is then taken over the area, sometimes multiple times. While the laser is in use, you will experience some sensation and light pain. Once the whole area is covered some soothing Aloe Vera gel will be applied.

Each individual laser hair removal session can take from five minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. For example, the upper lip takes only five minutes whereas the full legs or back could take at least forty-five minutes.

How long does laser hair removal take?

Laser hair removal treatments are conducted every 4 weeks on the face and every 6 weeks on the body.

The exact number of treatments varies from person to person, but usually 6-10 are needed for optimum results, meaning it will take a few months to see full results.

How long a gap do I need between laser hair removal treatments?

For all hair removal on the body, a gap of 6 weeks is required between treatments.

For facial hair removal, a gap of 4 weeks is required between treatments.

Separating the hair removal sessions with these correctly spaced gaps is important to ensure that the laser sessions are fully effective.

Will laser hair removal hurt?

This varies from person to person due to different pain thresholds. There is usually some mild discomfort but nothing unbearable. The sensation is often described as like having an elastic band pinged against the skin.

What precautions should I take throughout my laser hair removal treatments?

Sun exposure should be avoided from two weeks before you start your treatments and throughout the laser hair removal process. If you do have tanned skin, it will need to fade before treatment commences.

Do not bleach, pluck or wax during your course of laser hair removal treatments.

Is laser hair removal suitable for dark and Asian Skin types?

Yes! With the gold standard lasers that we use, the training of our laser practitioners and our years of experience, those with dark or Asian skin types can receive laser hair removal safely and happily in our expert care.

Is laser hair removal suitable for men?

Yes! In fact, over 40% of our clients are now men. Due to the higher levels of testosterone contained in a male body, to achieve complete hair removal requires more treatments when compared to women.

Most men require a minimum of eight treatments and usually up to four top up treatments to completely remove all hair in an area.