Laser Hair Removal – Guidline Between Treatments


Laser Hair Removal – Guidelines for Between Treatments

You have started your Laser Hair Removal treatment, and want to support the most favourable outcomes by following some simple rules, but still remaining hair-free in between treatments.

You can expect some hair regrowth between treatments, especially between the initial sessions. The new growth of hair progressively changes to thinner, lighter hair, and not all hair will regrow, so it will appear in patches with hair free areas between. This is a good indicator for permanent hair removal from those hair free patches, and they should grow broader with successive treatments.

There is commonly several weeks between Laser Hair Removal sessions, and it can be frustrating to have this new regrowth, but you can still shave the hair off without hindering the process. Your practitioner should inform you of this during your consultation. If not, and especially if you are not fully certain of what you can and can’t do between sessions, just ask your practitioner at your next appointment.

It is strongly advised that you avoid shaving for several days immediately after a treatment, to give the area some time to recover from being zapped with a Laser!

After approximately four days it is fine to shave the unwanted hair that has regrown.

The most important thing to remember is not to use methods which affect the actual hair follicle (the cells and tissue which surround the root of the hair). If the hair follicle is damaged in any way, the Laser Hair Removal procedure will be inhibited in it’s effectiveness.

The procedures for hair removal you should avoid, and which do interfere with the health of the hair follicle, are: waxing, sugaring, plucking, epilating, tweezing and even bleaching. All of these do far more than remove hair; they damage the hair follicle, are detrimental to your bodies immune defences, and generally cause trauma to the area.

Following this protocol will help support the process of removing hair using Laser technology and assist in getting results faster.

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