Laser Hair Removal Hollywood is one of our most popular treatments. 

Yes, the Hollywood is now available from Laser Hair Removal. The Hollywood has always been done traditionally by waxing, as shaving of course does not create a good look down there with stubble and ingrown hairs. Waxing has always done a good job on the Hollywood but it does still have its drawbacks.

Waxing still can leave ingrown hairs and of course it is not a permanent method and you require regular treatments to keep your Hollywood in shape. The other thing about waxing is that you must let it re-grow a little before each treatment and the main problem with the Hollywood is that it feels very itchy while re-growing and stubble is definitely not a good look down there.

These are the main reasons that Laser Hair Removal has grown in popularity for the Hollywood. Laser Hair removal does not create any ingrown hairs and after a series of treatments the hair removal is permanent. Meaning that your Hollywood will remain in shape for ever. No itchy re-growing and no ugly look from some stubble. Once you have completed your series of treatments you will be smooth and hair free.

One thing to keep in mind if you are thinking of having a Hollywood done by Laser Hair Removal is that it really is a permanent method of hair removal and a permanent Hollywood is a big choice, fashions may change or your desires may vary and the hair will not grow back. Laser hair removal on your underarms or bikini line is something that you are extremely unlikely to ever regret so keep these points in mind when making your choice to swap from waxing to Laser Hair Removal.

If you want to keep your public hair, but want less, or thinner public hair, then we can use laser hair removal treatment to reduce the strength and severity of the hair also.

If you do choose the Laser Hair Removal Hollywood then enjoy all the benefits available to you!