Laser hair removal is for men too


Laser hair removal is for men too

You may have thought that Laser hair removal was a woman’s territory but this is far from the case. About 40% of clients are actually men! Unwanted hair is no longer only considered a woman’s problem at all. It is culturally normal now for men to ‘groom’ whether it is hair gel, beard trimming or Laser treatment!

So why is it that laser hair removal is for men too? Well simply if you are man with an extremely hairy back, bum, neck, chest or anything else that you find uncomfortable there is no reason that you need to keep it around. There is no longer any stigma connected to getting yourself to a clinic and sorting it out! No need to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious or embarrassed by unwanted hair anymore. And simply if you are going to get into hair removal rather than getting into shaving or waxing why not just take up the treatment that is permanent – Laser Hair removal.

The other problem that men run into as well as women is the skin reacting badly to shaving and being left with a rash or red marks, ingrown hairs and so on. Laser hair removal is basically the best method to tackle that because waxing and epilating can also leave ingrown hairs!

The basic data on Laser hair removal is the same for men and women. You need a series of treatments to see the hair diminish radically and stay removed permanently. There is some pain but it is bearable and feels a bit like an elastic band being pinged on you. The price varies on the number of treatments and the body part that you want treated.

So men get yourself into a clinic and show everyone that Laser hair removal is for you too!

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