Laser Hair Removal Asian And Darker Skin

 We have 2 NdYag lasers from the manufacturers Cynosure and Candella as wll as the Soprano XL diode and Lynton Duetto lasers. These are all suitable for Asian and darker skin types which means we are giving you more options than most clinics in London.

We are highly experienced professionals with decades worth of knowledge which we apply to all of our treatments. From deciding on the best laser for your to determining the most effective settings. We will give you a free test patch and consultation to make sure you are truly happy with your experience as well as guidance on what is best for you and an aftercare advice sheet.

Around 50% of our clients are Asian or darker in skin types and we treat around 50 clients per day, meaning we have a vast amount of experience treating Asian and darker skin types. Our lasers are all NEW and state of the art, we only use the best and most renowned manufacturers and have trialled a vast array of lasers over the last few year to find the most effective and least painful options on the market. Which we now make available to you.

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    City Hair Removal London uses the latest innovation in laser technology. We have four different types of Lasers on hand in the clinic, three of which are suitable for Asian and darker skin types. We always keep fully up to date with the latest technology and have trialled many different lasers over the years. We have chosen these four lasers from the trials due to their state of the art technology and most effective least painful hair removal methods.


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    Suitable for all skin types

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    Using the best technology

    City Hair Removal London uses the latest innovation in laser technology.

    Finance Options Available

    Finance Options Available

    We can provide you with a pay four later finance option, please call the receptionist for more details

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    We are a fast growing clinic and unlike many ‘pop up’ clinics or beauty salons, we have been around for over a decade, so you are safe in the knowledge that if you buy a package of treatments with City Hair Removal we will honour it.

    The NdYag laser is the most well-known laser used for Asian and darker skin as it does not engage with the melanin (the pigment in the skin) as much as other lasers can, which therefore reduces possible side effects. It can be a more painful laser if the correct equipment is not used alongside it. Rest assured we do have the correct equipment to use – the Cryogen Cooler – and at City Hair Removal you will always be given this combination to make your treatment as pain-free as we can.

    We also have the Soprano XL, diode laser, which was the triple award winning laser at the 2011/2012 Aesthetic Awards in London for its innovative approach to laser hair removal. Its virtually pain free approach to laser hair removal means that it’s a comfortable treatment and suitable for all skin types!

    The Duetto is state of the art and new to the world of laser hair removal, only the newest lasers have this option. Here we are able to safely combine the depth and safety of the NdYag laser along with the strength and effectiveness of the Alexandrite laser for faster and more effective results, especially for lighter Asian skin types and darker skin types with very fine or light hair towards the end of the course of treatments, when the hair becomes more difficult to remove.

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    Patch tests are a necessary part of the assessment stage, prior to a full treatment this provides information to both you and your practitioner. A patch test is carried out on a small area of skin to determine the precise grade of laser energy required to achieve the best results for your skin type. It is also a mini sample for you to gauge what your treatment will be like and how it will feel.

    Patch tests will indicate to you and your practitioner any adverse side effects or highlight any problems prior to a full treatment. Since it is carried out on just a small patch of skin, if there are any problems they will be minimal. Your treatment plan can then be adjusted if necessary, to ensure effective results with minimal side effects.


    Though Laser hair removal actually ends up more economical than other hair removal methods in the long run we do understand that it can feel like a big dent in your wallet to pay all in one go. This is why we have deals on the full course of treatments as well as discounted full body packages. On top of that we can provide you with a pay for later finance option, meaning you would only need to pay affordable monthly payments. Please call the receptionist for more details


    Gentle Max Pro, Candella – This is the latest innovation in laser hair removal technology. The Gentle Max Pro is the gold standard for all laser hair removal treatments for all skin and hair types. It has a dual wavelengh laser that combines the fastest and most powerful.

    Elite- CynoSure – This laser is a high-powered, dual-wavelength system that delivers energy faster for faster results. The Elite+’s wavelengths are the gold standard for hair removal, facial and leg veins, epidermal pigmented lesions, and wrinkle reduction on all skin types.

    Soprano XL– This is a Diode laser and totally pain free. Great for all skin types and highly effective on darker coarser hair. This laser is the only type that can be used on tanned skin but at a minimum of 4 weeks after exposure to the sun.

    ND Yag – This is the laser machine that is ideal for dark and Asian skin types. The laser penetrates deeper in to the skin picking up only the hair and not the pigment in the skin, allowing for safer treatments and effective results. The NdYag is great on deeper hair follicles such as on the chin, bikini and back.

    Alexandrite – This is perfect for lighter and stubborn hair types. This is the strongest type of laser for hair removal and gives the fastest results. Used mostly on lighter skin types, but can also be used safely on Asian skin, working effectively on finer harder to treat hair. Due to its strength clients must ensure they have no sun exposure until finishing their course of treatments and so is not always suitable for all body parts.


    When is a Patch Test Performed in the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

    A patch test is commonly carried out at your initial consultation, after your details have been taken, including your medical history and any current medications. When you and your practitioner are agreed that Laser Hair Removal is safe for you to undergo, a patch test will be performed and several days between the patch test and your full treatment are advised to ensure any side effects that may appear do so before a full treatment.

    How many treatments do I need?

    Typically clients with Asian and darker skin types and thick coarse hair respond very quickly to treatment and can sometimes only need 6 treatments. Finer hair usually takes a minimum of 8 treatments. We recommend that clients buy a course of 8 treatments regardless of the thickness of your hair, as most clients will use at least 6 and then need between 1-3 top up treatments later in any case.