Laser Hair Removal Machine Technology


Laser Hair Removal Machine Technology

Laser Hair Removal Machine TechnologyDealing with a little excess hair by City Hair Removal LondonLaser Hair Removal Machine technology has made remarkable leaps in progress towards perfection since the mid 1990’s.

Older machines were slower, very painful, and worked only on those with very dark hair and very light skin, so it was only workable on a minority of people. For most, the procedure is now often painless with faster results, on all types of skin and hair tones and types, which require less treatments and so the cost is also reduced.

When you attend your initial consultation the practitioner will assess your skin and hair tone and type and recommend the specific laser most suitable to your case.

A quick run-down of which machines are on the market and what they do:

For darker skin, particularly Asian skin types, the NDYag is ideal. It is able to penetrate the skin deeper than other machines and so is a great choice for male chin hair, the bikini hair and hair on the back. It works effectively on hair without damaging the pigment (colour) of the skin.

The Alexandrite is the strongest type of Laser for Hair Removal ad works the fastest. It is suitable for lighter skin types although it can be beneficial for darker skin such as Asian skin tones who have finer hairs.

The Duetto is really a combination machine, providing precision treatment for stubborn fine hair such as red, light brown and dark blonde hair. It combines the effectiveness of the Alexandrite and NDYag machines described above. It can also be used on lighter Asian skin.

Finally the Soprano XL is a pain-free option, can be used on lightly tanned skin, and is one of the fastest at producing results; most people report finer hair after just one treatment. It can be used on a variety of skin types, and the treatment sessions are spaced further apart.

With any machine, the sun exposure in previous weeks must be considered and you should be advised as to how long you need to wait before being treated, if you have had sun exposure in recent weeks.

If you ever considered Laser Hair Removal before but had anxiety over the pain and cost involved, your worries are now obsolete!

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