Laser Hair Removal Patch Tests


Laser Hair Removal Patch Tests

What Exactly Is A Patch Test for Laser Hair Removal?

Patch tests are a necessary part of the assessment stage, prior to a full treatment that provides information to both you and your practitioner. A patch test is carried out on a small area of skin to determine the precise grade of laser energy required to achieve the best results for your skin type. It is also a mini sample for you to gauge what your treatment will be like and how it will feel. Patch tests will indicate to you and your practitioner any adverse side effects or highlight any problems prior to a full treatment. Since it is carried out on just a small patch of skin, if there are any problems they will be minimal. Your treatment plan can then be adjusted if necessary, to ensure effective results with minimal side effects.

When is a Patch Test Performed in the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

A patch test is commonly carried out at your initial consultation, after your details have been taken, including your medical history and any current medications. When you and your practitioner are agreed that Laser Hair Removal is safe for you to undergo, a patch test will be performed and several days between the patch test and your full treatment are advised to ensure any side effects that may appear do so before a full treatment.

What Questions To Ask Before Your Patch Test For Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Ask if the person carrying out the initial consultation and patch test will be your practitioner throughout your treatment.

Ask about their level of experience; how many people have they treated? How long have they been qualified to perform Laser Hair Removal?

Settle any doubts you have at this stage, by asking questions. You may want to prepare these before your appointment, and if any that are not answered during the consultation, get them answered at this point so that you are sure Laser Hair Removal is for you.

Ask before the patch test if there is a charge for it. Some clinics charge a small fee for a patch test, some charge a fee but will deduct it from the full treatment cost if taken up, while others offer it free of charge.

Ask before your appointment if there is anything you should or should not put on your skin before the patch test.

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