Laser Hair Removal – What Are People Saying ?


Laser Hair Removal blogs – What Are People Saying?

If you follow the blogs on the subject of Laser Hair Removal, you will see a mixture of comments both favouring Laser Hair Removal and warning against it; a mixture of positives and negatives, that may leave you undecided and confused about whether Laser Hair Removal is a good choice or not, for you personally.

In doing any research one must always have the double-intention of trying to prove something AND trying to disprove that same thing. This gives a balance and is a more objective way to approach any subject that you really would like an unbiased opinion on.

This was my modus operandi when researching Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

My Findings on Laser Hair Removal Blogs

For the comments against Laser Hair Removal, the most common complaints were getting burned during the procedure, poor explanation of the procedure before it started, no after care advice, and that the level of pain was unexpected.

For the comments supporting Laser hair Removal, the most common threads were the speed of results were pleasantly surprising, (they often stated that they wished they had done it years ago), and acknowledgement of the professionalism of the practitioner. There was a frequent closing statement that they were looking forward to their next session!

Conclusions on Laser Hair Removal blogs

It is clearly a procedure that can go wrong. However, from all the blogs against Laser Hair Removal, that I came across in my research, the big indication was the experience and expertise of the practitioner was far more important than one may expect. A machine that performs a function should surely just ‘work’ right? This really does not seem to be the case with this particular method of hair removal. The bloggers against Laser Hair Removal did not always mention the machine used, and the type of machine used may have strongly influenced the poor results, as the older machines did have quite a few disadvantages.

I came across far more blogs highly recommending Laser Hair Removal, but I took into consideration the advertising aspect used on the internet. There were clearly ‘real’ people who wanted to share their personal experiences, and I focused my attention on these, to ensure my results were as unbiased as possible. Throughout these threads the prevailing message was amazement at the results, and recognition of the professionalism of the practitioner.

Take-home message: research thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line and hand over your cash. You want a highly experienced practitioner, a clinic that uses the latest technological machines, and during your initial consultation ask lots of questions; if the practitioner is not able to answer them, or does not respond in a professional manner, look elsewhere! This step appears to be the determining factor for the best outcomes. Good Luck!