Laser Hair Removal Single Treatments

Free Consultation & Patch TestSingle TreatmentsPack of 6Pack of 8
Eyebrows / Earlobes / Nose / Toes / Fingers£33£98£118
Nipples / Naval / Upper lip / Chin / Hands / Feet / Cheek Bones£65£177£210
Sideburns / Hairline / Cheeks / Forehead / Under Arms / Standard Bikini / Jaw Line / Neck / Per Anal / Shoulder Blades£83£225£269
Upper arms / Lower arms / Bikini Brazilian / Shoulders / Abdomen£105£265£330
Half back / Full face / Beard / Neck / Hollywood / Chest / Buttocks / Half Face & Front Neck / Bikini Hollywood£130£355£415
Lower legs / Upper Legs / Hollywood & Peri anal / Full Face & Front Neck£177£480£569
Full Legs / Full back & Shoulders£240£700£821

Laser Hair Removal Packages for Women

Free Consultation & Patch TestSingle TreatmentsPack of 6
Up to 60% OFF
Pack of 8Pay Monthly  (12 months)
Upper Lip, Underams, Bikini Hollywood,Free Peri Anal & Naval£278£762£1016 £68
Lower Legs,Bikini Brazilian & Underarms *Special Offer (only valid on course of 6 treatments)£350£699£950 64
Lower Legs, Upper Lip & Chin, Any Bikini, Peri Anal & Underarms£376£900£1050 72
Full legs, Any Bikini (inc peri-anal) & Underarms£450£1100£1280 88
Full Legs, Half arms, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Buttocks, Navel Line & Underarms£565£1350£1580 108
Any or All: Full Legs, Any Bikini, Underarms, Buttocks, Full Arms, Back, Abdomen, Chest, Shoulders, Face & Neck (Front and Back) Hands & Feet£730£1890£2285 151
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Laser Hair Removal Packages for Men

Free Consultation & Patch TestSingle TreatmentsPack of 6Pack of 8Pay Monthly  (12 months)
Full Back£191£480£58038
Chest & Abdomen£191£480£58032
Full Back & Shoulders£240£700£82150
Full Back, Shoulders & half arms.£350£976£116078
Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arm£566£1358£1584108
Any or All: Full Legs, Buttocks, Chest, Abdomen, Full Arms, Full Back, Shoulders, Underarms, Line, Feet & Hands (Does not include peri anal or genitalia)£700£1880£2180150
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Instalment plans will be agreed upon on the consultation with the practitioner, payable across the 1st, 2nd and 3rd treatment (you will have at least 4-6weeks between treatments to save for the next payment), minimum spend applies.