How Does Laser Hair Removal Work


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Introductory phase of Laser Hair Removal
The first step, and an important one, is finding a clinic who specialise in Laser Hair Removal, have been providing this service for at least two years, and whose ptractitioners are experienced. Choosing wisely at the beginning can make the difference between a successful, problem free experience and the opposite!

Next up when you have booked your consultation appointment with your chosen clinicis the stage in the process, when you can still back out, and is an assessment phase for both you and the practitioner. It is your chance to ask questions, get a general feel of the clinic environment and it’s professionalism (or otherwise) and to find out who will be your practitioner throughout your treatment. It is recommended it be the same person where possible, to maintain contunuity and help you feel more and more at ease.

Once you sign up for the treatment your first session for treatment will be agreed and booked. You need to refrain from the practices of hair removal that will hinder Laser technology (covered elsewhere), and attend your first treatment. All of the above is pretty standard for Laser Hair Removal.

The Procedure of Laser Hair Removal
• At each appointment, your skin will be cleaned using a specialised wipe to ensure it is free from any toxins that may interfere with the process, and to disinfect the area to prevent any infection later on.
• You will need to wear protective goggles to safeguard against the Laser light reaching your eyes, which can damage them.
• If your patch test proved to be painful, you may be offered a local anaesthetci cream to apply to the area to minimise pain (most people do not need this)
• Your experienced practitioner will examine your skin and adjust the Laser machine to the correct frequency.
• The treatment will then begin, which is usually felt as a kind of prickling sensation, and continue until the area to be treated is covered. There is often a smell of burned hair during the process, which is normal.
• When the area to be treated has been covered, the practitioner will gently dry it with a towel, and some practitioners also apply a cool, wet flannel to assist in reducing the redness and slight inflammation (also normal) and which subsides in a day or two.
• Several days post-treatment, the hair on the treated area should begin to slough off and fall out. Some people confuse this with hair regrowth which is not the case.
• The regrowth of hair between treatments will become finer, lighter, weaker and commonly in patches rather than the block of hair it used to be.
• The hair-free patches slowly become larger and larger until the area is hair-free. This end result will depend upon the strength, thickness, and density of the hair originally.

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