Laser Hair Remover

You may have heard of Laser hair treatment and be wondering what really is the Laser hair remover…as in what is used to remove the hair?

The simple answer is it is literally a Laser. The more expanded answer is that there are many variations of Lasers and as the years go by more modern and effective Lasers come out on the market. Most clinics will have a few different Laser hair removers on hand so that they can tailor the programme to you depending on your sensitivity to the laser and the colour of your skin and hair.

The technical action of the Laser is setting the wavelength of light and the length of the pulse to obtain the best effect on the targeted area with as little effect on any surrounding tissue. In laser hair removal the targeted area is the hair follicle itself, it targets and then destroys the follicle. The laser targets the coloured pigment called melanin in the hair follicle, the follicle is the part of the hair that causes growth. Targeting the hair follicle itself is how it is possible to achieve permanent hair removal. After the follicle has been blasted by the laser you need to give it time to start growing again before the next treatment as the laser can only target the hair follicle while it is growing. Remember it is very important not to wax or pluck between treatments as these methods remove the hair directly from the root meaning there would be nothing there for the Laser to blast.

I hope that explains to you what actually is a ‘Laser Hair Remover’ and gives you a better understanding of how the treatment works. It is really is an excellent advance in the area of hair removal and I hope that you get those benefits too!