Laser Hair Treatment for Black Skin


Laser Hair Treatment for Black Skin

As with most women you are probably wondering how best to tackle unwanted hair. It could be on your face, underarms, legs, bikini, stomach and anywhere else! Of course there is always shaving and waxing and other normal methods but for permanent hair removal, Laser hair removal is the only way to go!

You may have heard that with dark skin this method is not available to you but you are in luck as things have now changed! It may not have come to your attention but there have been recent technological advances with the lasers used for Laser Hair removal that allow the lasers to work even on very dark skin. This is a breakthrough for hair removal for black women and men everywhere!

In the past the lasers could only work where the hair was quite a lot darker than the skin making it very hard for black ladies to receive laser hair removal. With the advances it is now possible for the new lasers to bypass the melanin in the surface of the skin and to target the root of the hair.

Remember to always make sure that the clinic you choose is trained and experienced in dealing with darker skin. It is also important that the right laser and settings are used of course! Most clinics can give you the data on which Lasers they have available and should have multiple types so that the correct one can be used for each individual type of skin.

If you have any uncertainties or doubts about whether or not you can receive the treatment don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and do your homework of research into it all so that you can feel confident and ready to go. Ready for permanent hair removal!

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