Laser Removal Hair

Here at our clinic we deliver quite a lot of laser removal whether it is for tattoos, scars or hair. Today I wanted to tell you a little more about the laser removal for hair.

Over the years the technology for Laser hair removal has developed and advanced hugely as I am sure it will continue to do. The current technology works by firing pulses of light at the offending area. The light is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicles, it gets absorbed and destroys the root of the hair. Once this is repeated enough times the hair follicle simply stops re-growing and you have permanently smooth hair free skin in that area.

It does take a series of treatments as after each treatment a certain percentage of the hair follicles will stop growing back but many will, as your series of treatments progresses the percentage of hair growing back diminishes and diminishes until there is none left.

You have to have about a 6 week gap between treatments as you must give time for the hair follicle to re-grow (if it will). Doing the treatments too close together eliminates the purpose of the later treatment as the root of the hair must be there for the light to hit. This is the same reason why you cannot pluck, wax or epilate too close to a laser hair removal treatment as these methods remove the root of the hair and the laser then cannot work effectively.

A great thing about Laser hair removal is there really are none of the side effects produced by most other hair removal methods. No in-grown hairs being a big one. No shaving rash. No strong pain and redness as caused by waxing and so on.

But really the biggest plus about Laser Hair removal is that it is permanent meaning that it is not something you have to repeat over and over endlessly for your whole life. Instead make the effort now for a few months and you will be left with the look you want for ever.