Laser Removal

Laser removal is now an extremely popular up and coming method for removing your unwanted hair. Laser removal and IPL are the only permanent methods available and Laser has now surpassed IPL in effectiveness.

The laser has settings that vary depending on your skin colour and the colour of your hair. The thickness of the hair is also a factor which gets taken into account. The area will be shaved so that the laser does not burn the outside hair but instead hits the root. The practitioner then runs the laser over the area of skin with hair needing to be removed. You will have a slightly painful pinging sensation as the laser hits the root of the hair and burns it. It is quite a short process though of course this varies depending on the size of the body part being treated. You then need another treatment in about 6 weeks. This process is repeated over and over again for about 10 treatments.

You will find that the hair will grow out and fall off quite fast after your treatment. You will then have a few weeks of being hair free. Then you will see a certain percentage start to grow back in time for your next treatment. As the number of the treatments increases you will find that a higher and higher percentage of hair does not grow back and that the hair that does grow back gets thinner and thinner until there is no hair left at all.

I hope that gives you a simple idea of how Laser removal works and what to expect from receiving treatments. If you have any questions due to the colour of your skin or because you have sensitive skin get yourself into a free consultation and they will give you a patch test (they run the laser over a very small area of your skin to see how your skin reacts) and that should answer any remaining questions that you have!