Men can get laser hair removal too


Men can get laser hair removal too

We know what you’re thinking. Hair removal treatments are for girls, right? Maybe in the past, but not any more – gone are the days when only bodybuilders, cyclists or swimmers kept their body hair to a minimum. More and more men are choosing to go fuzz-free, making this beauty regime that previously only women really worried about into the mainstream for guys too.

While more and more men are going down grooming routes traditionally seen as female – including the pursuit of hair-free skin – that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all having everything taken off. For many men it’s just a case of having things tidied up a bit, or getting a few strays here and there sorted out.

Chaps! If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, don’t bother buying a razor or a pair of tweezers. Book yourself an appointment for laser hair removal for the only permanent results.

A lot of men who want to get rid of unwanted hair don’t necessarily think first of laser hair removal, but it’s the only means that gives permanent results.

So how does it work? It’s actually pretty simple; using light energy to penetrate your hair shaft, the laser cleverly kills the hair at the root without actually damaging the follicle. Eventually, after a few sessions, the damage to the follicle becomes such that hair loss is permanent.

All our hair removal treatments are performed by highly trained technicians trained in the use of laser machines and with years of experience between them – no matter what your skin type, or the body area you’d like to have treated, there’s no one better than us to get you on the way to a fuzz-free future. We treat on average 50 clients a day, six days a week – book your consultation today.

For more information about laser hair removal services for men, please visit this page.