New Laser Hair Removal Clinic Opening


New Laser Hair Removal Clinic Opening

Well you may not have heard but we have a new clinic!

The clinic is based in 5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG. The clinic is a sister clinic to Pulse Light Clinic based in Fenchurch Street in the City. There has been such rapid expansion that the new premises has had to open. Though Pulse Light Clinic delivers many other treatments on top of Laser Hair Removal such as tattoo removal, ace scar treatment and cellulite reduction. Our clinic in central London is devoted only to Laser hair Removal – City Hair Removal!

Here in our new clinic we are focused on giving you the best Laser Hair Removal around. We have over 15 years of experience, very qualified and professional practitioners and consultant nutritionist and nurses if you need any more advanced help.

In our clinic we can deliver to all skin types, whether dark or light and all hair types whether thick or thin. With five different lasers right here in the clinic (ND-Yag, Alexandrite, Soprano XL, Elite, CynoSure and Gentle Max Pro, Candella) we are absolutely certain we have the right laser for you to receive the best possible treatment around.

When you add our beautiful brand new premises the clinic is sparkling and ready to go.

We have recently re-done our website you should definitely check it out to see any news, deals and our prices.

Social Media is starting to pick up and you can follow us on, on Instagram we are CITY_HAIR_REMOVAL and on twitter @cityhairlondon we are always very happy to hear any feedback from you or help you with any questions!

There is even a 10% discount for first time customers during the first couple month of us opening so come on down and check out the new clinic!