Party Season Prep To Get You Feeling Your Best


Party Season Prep To Get You Feeling Your Best

Party season is right on our door steps leaving many of us turning our thoughts to our appearance and just how we’re going to ensure we look and feel our best for the big nights. Whether you’re heading to lots of parties or just a few you’ll still want to perfect your look from head to toe. The best way to ensure you feel a million dollars at every party you attend is to prepare in advance. Crystal Clear Skin Your skin is a great thing to address prior to your first Christmas party of the year. The harsh winter weather can really take it’s toll on our skin, making it look dull, dry and chapped.

Dry skin is difficult to work with, making make up patchy and likely to fade quickly. As you’ll know your skin can often take some time to improve and be brought back to it’s usual soft supple self. To bring dry skin back to life change your skin regime at least a week before your first party. If you can afford to have a professional facial, at this time of year opt for one that exfoliates as well as moisturises to get rid of dead dry skin. Try the Pulsed Light IPL Facial which is one of the deepest cleansing facials available and gives you an amazing glow perfect for party season.

If you’d rather take care of your skin from home invest in a good quality exfoliator and moisturising mask to be applied twice a week in the run up to Christmas. Make sure morning and night you are cleansing and toning as well as moisturising, using a richer moisturiser in the evening before you go to bed. Don’t neglect your body either! Every time you shower or have a bath apply a rich moisturiser from top to toe. Fuzz Free If you’re attending lots of parties the last thing you want to do is to find yourself having to de-hair and re-shave your legs every other night.

This isn’t great for your skin and could cause blemishes and rashes. If you plan ahead in advance you can look at more permanent options for the party season that will leave you smooth for the duration. Laser hair removal is a great option leaving you fuzz free for the duration of the party season. Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicle leaving the hair unable to grow back and can be used anywhere on the body where there is unwanted hair. Planning on wearing a mini for your first party?

Using laser hair removal can give you perfectly smooth legs. Or maybe you’re opting for strapless? Laser hair removal will leave your underarms fuzz free. If you do opt for this form of hair removal make sure you choose a reputable salon and have the procedure at least a few days before your first party. Small side effects may occur such as slight swelling but any side effects shouldn’t last more than eight hours. De-puff and De-stress In the run up to Christmas most of us are rushed off our feet and stress levels are slightly higher than usual.

For many of us to deal with our stress you might find yourself eating a little more than usual making you feel bloated as well as your skin and eyes looking tired. Try a pre party detox a few days before your first Christmas do. Cut down on sugar, salt and carbs, drink green tea, up your intake of fruit and veg and lean meat such as chicken and fish to reduce your excess water weight and flush out toxins. Before your big night out have a hot bath, relax and de-stress.