PicoWay Resolve Anti Ageing

City Hair Removal has a brand new advanced anti-ageing treatment for you, using the new PicoWay Resolve Laser. Our sister clinic Pulse Light Clinic was the first clinic in the UK to use this laser and now we are following suit.

In the past you may have thought you would take ageing in your stride but now that the signs are appearing on your face or body it might not seem so small or easy. Signs such as skin pigmentations, wrinkles or pigmented lesions can get you feeling less confident and comfortable with your body, especially if you are still feeling young at heart. If this is how you are feeling then you will love the advanced anti-ageing technology of PicoWay Resolve.

What Picoway Resolve Addresses

The technology of PicoWay Resolve addresses all the small signs of ageing as well as particularly working on pigmented lesions or skin pigmentations.

When we refer to the smaller signs of ageing this can be various things, whether it is your skin getting looser and less elastic, frown lines, crow’s feet or really any sort of wrinkle as well as changes in the colour or texture of your skin.

Pigmented lesions or skin pigmentations refer to any marks or spots on the body that are darker in nature than your normal skin. These are things like freckles, moles, sun-spots, age-spots or even birth marks. These are not always a negative thing and can be a part of someone’s beauty or character but as you get older more and more of these can show up and no longer be desired.  

These signs of ageing come about due to natural body functions and various environmental factors, some examples of these are pollution and sun exposure. One unfortunate change in the body with age is the decrease in collagen production, collagen is the protein which keeps your skin moisturised and elastic. If age and the environment has caught up with your skin why not take back control with the PicoWay Resolve anti-ageing laser.

How Picoway Resolve works

The PicoWay Resolve Laser works in two ways to tackle the signs of ageing. During your treatment the laser light is fired into a problem area of your skin, such as an area of wrinkles. This light fired in ultrashort pulses into your skin acts to stimulate the production of collagen in your body. The collagen itself then starts to increase the elasticity and moisture level of your skin thereby diminishing the signs of ageing. While these pulses stimulate collagen they are actually having a dual effect, when used on areas on skin pigmentation such as age-spots, the laser actually causes the melanin to break up into minute particles which the body then eliminates. Thus eliminating those unwanted pigmented lesions. Combined this adds up to a powerful anti-ageing treatment.

Do I need an initial consultation – How much does it cost?

At City Hair Removal we offer all initial consultations and patch tests for free. These are a vital part of your treatment plan because it allows you and your practitioner to get all needed data and questions covered and more importantly for the laser to be trialled on a small patch of skin. Though it is very unusual to have any adverse reactions, the rule is always better safe than sorry when using lasers. Once it has been trialled and shown to be fine on your skin you will be ready to begin your series of treatments.

Is it painful?

Luckily enough no, this treatment is not painful and the discomfort is said to be minimal. Of course this does vary from person to person depending on each person’s individual pain threshold and skin sensitivity though.

How will my skin look and feel after a treatment?

The skin having been treated with the laser is likely to remain red for a few hours but will soon return to normal. In the next few days darker skin may peel off but this is positive as the old skin is being replaced my fresh, younger looking skin. Do not aggravate this by scrubbing or exfoliating the area for a few days following each treatment. You will be surprised at how fast you can see the anti-ageing effect of the laser following each and every treatment.

Why is the PicoWay Resolve such a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment?

There are many technological reasons which makes the PicoWay Resolve so advanced but simply the dual wavelength and ultrashort pulses create the most effective treatment out there. On top of that it works on all skin types, has minimal risk, minimal pain and you see results with less treatments compared to other lasers on the market.