9Upper Lip

Enjoy a hair free upper lip with 6-8 treatments!

Facial hair can be an annoyance especially for woman.


Fed up of shaving your underarms every day? Here’s your solution…


Get rid of those nasty ingrown hairs from shaving and waxing your bikini for good with Laser Hair Removal…

The many benefits of laser hair removalLegs

No More Shaving, No More Waxing

Leg Thread Vein Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can give a long term solution to thread veins, spider veins, and varicose veins in just a few fast and easy treatments.  Unlike some other treatments, there is ‘no downtime’ in as much as you can have a treatment and then return to work afterwards.

Skin TighteningSkin Tightening

Suitable for ANY SKIN TYPE! It is also safe before and after a holiday with a tan.

Over the last 15 years treating clients (typically 50 clients per day), we have found that not everyone reacts the same way to lasers. For example, clients with PCO syndrome have very deep rooted hair on the facial area; this is typically difficult to remove, especially with hormonal imbalances. Step in the Lynton DUETTO MT laser, with this exclusive technology we are able to use 2 lasers at the same time in order to reach the correct depth and supply enough heat to kill the root of the hair. Many clients require alternative approaches to laser treatments this is why we have invested in multiple lasers, so that we can guarantee that our clients will finish their treatment with the best possible end result.