• Standard Bikini Laser Hair Removal removes all of the hair at the edges that could potentially be seen in underwear or a bikini. It also includes the top of the thighs and the top knicker line.
  • Brazilian Laser Hair Removal removes all hair from the bikini area other than a strip in the centre. This strip can be styled in various ways – just ask.
  • Hollywood Laser hair removal removes hair from the entire bikini area. Leaving you completely bare, this can also include perianal hairs – just ask.
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Of all the body parts where you try to get rid of unwanted hair, the bikini line is maybe the most sensitive. Waxing, shaving, plucking – all can be very uncomfortable processes! If you’re sick of de-fuzzing ‘down there’, bikini laser hair removal could be right up your street.

Once you’ve decided on Bikini Laser Hair Removal you’ll need to stop waxing, plucking or epilating the area; you can shave as much as you like, but no ripping the hair out at the root. Having Bikini Laser Hair Removal is a very straightforward process; the laser is aimed at the area of skin that is to be treated, it heats the pigment in the hair thus destroying it and damaging the follicle without injuring the surrounding tissue in any way. Any follicles that are damaged in a session won’t grow another hair, and the hair that was already there will fall out. You are then on your way to a hair-free bikini!

At City Hair Removal we have four different types of lasers. A patch test will be done at your consultation in order for us to establish which machine will guarantee you the best outcome. So you can be sure we’re using the right laser for your skin and hair type.

Other equally popular treatments to the Bikini Laser Hair Removal are the upper lip, underarms and legs. Imagine never having to shave for a night out or the summer weather again! Until you take note you may not realise how much those normal hair removal routines are costing you. Once you have experienced a few treatments of laser hair removal you will see the amount of time and energy you gain. As well as of course a feeling of comfort in your own skin.

City Hair Removal offers free patch tests and consultations for anyone who wants Bikini laser hair removal treatment. Contact us today to get started or for more information.

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