• It is faster and more effective than both IPL and electrolysis
  • You need never shave, wax or pluck again once your course of treatment is over
  • Saves money and time in the long term – no more razors or waxing appointments
  • It helps to reduce both bacteria growth and the risk of ingrown hairs
  • You’ll see results as early as your first or second treatment


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Leg Laser Hair Removal means no more shaving and no more waxing. That means you can go on a weekend away or even a beach holiday without having to make time to de-fuzz first, or worrying if stubble has started to poke its head out. And you’ll never nick yourself with a razor again. Imagine it – that smooth, just-waxed feeling is only a few Leg Laser Hair Removal sessions away.

At your initial consultation, one of our expert technicians will advise you on which type of laser will be best suited for your skin type and individual needs. We may, if necessary, carry out a patch test using more than one laser type in order to make sure we use the best possible laser for you. This is because we have four different types of lasers at the clinic and some specialise in different skin colours or hair types. Doing the patch test allows your technician and you to see and feel the results and therefore choose the most effective option for you.

Using laser light energy to penetrate the hair shaft, the laser actually kills the hair at the root. It doesn’t kill the hair follicle itself, which is why technically, another hair can grow in its place. However, the laser damages the follicle to the point where the results are usually permanent. After each treatment you will see a percentage of hairs that just don’t grow back, while the ones that do get lighter and finer week by week. Eventually that percentage of hairs NOT growing back covers your legs entirely! Meaning the end to regular shaving and waxing and the beginning of your new permanently smooth hair-free legs.

Other equally popular treatments to the Leg Laser Hair Removal are the under arm, upper lip and bikini line. Imagine never having to shave for a night out or summer weather again, let alone the beach! The amount of time and money saved on these simple routines is huge. Until you take note you may not realise how much those normal hair removal routines are costing you. Once you have experienced a few treatments of laser hair removal you will see the amount of time and energy you gain. As well as of course the feeling of comfort in your own skin.


Here at Laser hair removal London we have four different types of laser hair removal machines, we are confident in ensuring we use the right laser hair removal machine for your skin, achieving the most satisfying and effective results.

Soprano XL– This is a Diode laser and totally pain free. It is one of the latest laser machines out on the market. Great for all skin types and highly effective on darker coarser hair. This laser is the only type that can be used on tanned skin but at a minimum of 4 weeks after exposure to the sun.

ND Yag – This is the laser machine that is ideal for dark and Asian skin types. The laser penetrates deeper in to the skin picking up only the hair and not the pigment in the skin, allowing for safer treatments and effective results. The NdYag is great on deeper hair follicles such as on the chin, bikini and back.

Alexandrite – This is perfect for lighter and stubborn hair types. This is the strongest type of laser for hair removal and gives the fastest results. Used mostly on lighter skin types, but can also be used safely on Asian skin, working effectively on finer harder to treat hair. Due to its strength clients must ensure they have no sun exposure until finishing their course of treatments and so is not always suitable for all body parts.

Duetto- This is a mix modality laser (Alexandrite & NdYag) and is excellent on lighter hair. The laser provides a mixture of the Alexandrite at around 30% and NdYag at 70% to allow for the treatment of finer and more stubborn hair, such as dark blonde, red and light brown. The Duetto can be used on the fairest skin type to light Asian skin. It is also excellent for those clients with PCOS (excessive hair growth).

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