Do I have to take off work to get vein removal treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can give a long term solution to thread veins, spider veins, and varicose veins in just a few fast and easy treatments.  Unlike some other treatments, there is ‘no downtime’ in as much as you can have a treatment and then return to work afterwards.

What vein removal treatments do we provide?

  • Leg spider vein removal
  • Facial spider vein treatment
  • Treatment for leg varicose veins
  • Removal of Campbell de Morgan Spots
  • Treatment for Blue/Purple leg thread veins up to 4mm in width
  • Thread vein, spider vein, and varicose vein removal  procedure for nose and cheeks, legs, arms, back and chest

What equipment is used for leg thread vein treatment?

Located in London, City Hair Removal uses the gold standard in vascular treatments (varicose veins, spider veins, thread vein removal) for rapid and easy treatment leaving skin smoother and even-toned. With the option of NDYAG (1064) for darker skin types and either Alexandrite (755nm) OR Mixed Modality for lighter skin types.

Why choose mix modality when NDYAG does the job?

  • Mixed Modality increases the effectiveness of thread vein and spider vein treatment
  • It’s less painful
  • One laser targets pigment whilst the other tightens skin in one go
  • The sequential delivery of both lasers improves the out come
  • Low side effects
  • Causes Met-haemoglobin which allows for 3 x’s more efficiency than just one laser

How does it work?

The laser simply coagulates the vessel  turning it darker or grey in colour. Sometimes the vessel actually disappears straight away! More information

What are the side effects?

  • Very slight swelling may occur
  • General reddening of the skin

How far apart are treatments?

Laser treatments are spaced up to 12 weeks apart. Your body needs time to repair the cells and then we can treat the same area again if more veins are produced or if the vein needs treating again.

What is the aftercare regime?

Aloe vera is recommended and the patient must use sun screen or avoid any sun exposure on the treated area for 4 weeks following treatment. Perfumed products, baths, saunas should be avoided for 12 hours after.

Are there any adverse reactions?

  • Blistering is rare but can occur especially if skin has had sun exposure
  • Persistent Redness