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Many women feel that the upper lip is one of the worst places to have unwanted hair. Unwanted facial hair can lead to feelings of anxiety or self-consciousness and is not something we at City Hair Removal want anyone to be suffering from.

Laser Hair Removal is a revolutionary hair removal solution, especially for the facial area. With upper lip laser hair removal you can achieve a totally hair free upper lip with only 6-8 treatments. Treatments on the facial area are spaced out with 4 week gaps between treatments.

This 4 week gap between laser hair removal treatments allows time for the hair growth cycle to resume. Hair growth is needed in order to give the laser a target for attack during each treatment. You may or may not see the hair or a percentage of hair grow back during the break between treatments. You are allowed to shave or bleach between treatments if you start feeling self-conscious but no waxing, epilating or plucking is allowed as the root of the hair needs to remain in tact for the laser to attack on your next treatment.

You may experience some redness immediately following your treatment but it doesn’t last long and will certainly be gone after a few hours. It is worth planning ahead though and having your hair removal appointments after work so you can go home and relax afterwards.

Upper lip Laser Hair Removal works particularly well for women that suffer from polycystic ovaries. As having polycystic ovaries generates coarser and darker hair growth, the hair is even more responsive to the treatment. If you hair is finer or lighter don’t worry: laser hair removal will still work for you, and the practitioner will ensure that the right laser and settings are being used for you to get the most effective results.


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